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How Chronic Stress Affects Your Mood

How Chronic Stress Affects Your Mood When we find ourselves to be in a mood where we are anxious, depressed and notice other mood issues, this can sometimes be attributed to high, chronic stress levels. These high levels can negatively affect our mood. You could be a mellow person and notice that these thoughts have […]

How To Recover From Adrenal Fatigue!

How to Recover from Adrenal Fatigue The three stages of adrenal fatigue are: Alarm Resistance Exhaustion The alarm stage and corresponding response is healthy. This is where we have a stressor in our life and then our body has time to recuperate and recover. If and when this happens, it is a good stress because […]

How Can Cortisol Affect Brain Function?

How Can Cortisol Affect Brain Function Cortisol is a hormone that effects our body’s reaction to stress. Cortisol affects a large range of processes in the body, including our metabolism and immune responses. Cortisol, as many different hormones, can become problematic when the levels are too high. When our bodies are constantly in fight or […]

What Is Hypoglycemia and Reactive Hypoglycemia?

What is Hypoglycemia? One common problem that we look at in the office is hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. If you have hypoglycemia, you probably feel pretty “blah” most of the time: brain fog, sluggishness, irritability, no fun at all. By looking at ways to assist your body and changing some lifestyle factors within your […]

How To Increase Insulin Sensitivity

How to Increase Insulin Sensitivity Lifestyle factors play a large part in blood sugar levels as well as insulin resistance or sensitivity. Diet is a large part of regulating blood sugar levels, but there are other factors that seemed to be overlooked when it comes to blood sugar and insulin sensitivity. The three that are […]

What is Syndrome X?

What is Syndrome X? Syndrome X also known as metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance syndrome. This syndrome is characterized by higher levels of cholesterol and high blood sugar levels. Although it is not seen as a disease, it is considered a group of risk factors. A few of these factors include: Sedentary lifestyle High carbohydrate […]

Why Am I Still Suffering From Thyroid Symptoms?

Why You Could Be Suffering From Thyroid Symptoms! The book that is discussed in the video, Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms When My Lab Tests Are Normal? was a crucial part in understanding firstly, my family’s health, and my patients’ health. Chiropractic neurology looks at several different ways that the thyroid can breakdown, […]

What is Deep Belly Breathing?

What is Deep Belly Breathing? Deep belly breathing is a practice that can strengthen your diaphragm, a muscle that assists in breathing. It has a number of helpful benefits including: Relaxation Lowers heart rate Lowers blood pressure Lowers heart rate Reduces stress When your body is stressed it decreases the functionality of the immune system, […]