Ready to reclaim your health and your life?

What would it mean to have more energy, less pain – to rewind the clock to a time when you felt truly alive? What future do YOU imagine?

  • Playing on the floor with your kids or grandkids
  • Feeling confident enough to go after that job or date
  • Fitting into a size of clothes you haven’t worn in a decade
  • Taking long walking trips through Europe
  • Or maybe right now all you can imagine is doing the dishes without having to go back to bed and lay down – or being able to walk down stairs without being in pain.

Our patients come to us in various stages of health decline – from bedridden, depressed and in pain to “just not feeling like myself.” Our Vitality Restoration Program is designed to help each person overcome their unique health challenges. 

If you’ve made it to this page you have probably already been to various doctors, and tried different approaches to help treat your health condition. Most of my patients come to me feeling hopeless, isolated, and desperate.

You’ve been on a long journey to seeking health and a better quality life. This program is your final stop.

What’s the Vitality Restoration Program? 

This program focuses on improving your health by taking an integrated approach. The brain-body connection, energy, digestion, hormones, immune system, inflammation, are all addressed. It was made to uncover the multitude of causes that may be affecting your health, because there is never just one issue. I have discovered seven root causes that need to be addressed in order to get your health back.

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When I first graduated from Chiropractic School I thought there was only one way to look at the body and healing. After many years of experience with my family’s health and the health of my patients, I have discovered seven different factors that can stop your healing process.

My 7 Factors to Optimal Health

1. Brain/ Nervous System – How well is your brain coordinating your body physically, chemically, and mentally?  (Neurological Exam)

2. Energy Production – Do you have enough energy? Is your body converting the food you eat into the fuel you need to live your best life?

3. Digestion – Optimal health is achieved through optimizing digestion. Is your body digesting the food you eat for maximum nutrient absorption, cell repair and brain function?

4. Hormones – Your thyroid and adrenals have the primary role in your hormonal health. Without balanced hormones, your body can not properly deal with stress. Hormones affect not only your stress levels, but also your energy, and your emotional and sexual health.

5. Immune System – Your immune system is your body’s first line of defense in fighting off illness and disease. Whether it is allergies, or an autoimmune disorder, your immune system has to be healthy to keep your whole body strong.

6. Inflammation – This is one of the body’s natural responses to healing. Too much inflammation, also known as, chronic inflammation, can be the source of a multitude of health issues. Our tests help uncover the root causes of your body’s inflammation.

7. Zebra – Like a zebra, every person is unique. Just because you hear hooves, doesn’t mean a horse is coming! Everyone is a zebra in their own right. Genetic testing can show us where your body is vulnerable and get you the most customized support your unique system requirements.

Numbers 2-6 each have their own individual tests that we run in order to understand each problem. If you would like to learn more about these specific tests we run, check out our article, “The Best Lab Tests To Run For Your Health.”

Our integrative healthcare approach includes:

  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Neuro-emotional techniques
  • Brain-based therapies
  • Diet to decrease inflammation
  • Supplements to support the healing process

We invite you to sample our treatment services for yourself. We offer a FREE 3-visit intake assessment to see if you’d be a good candidate for this program. There’s no cost and no obligation, just an opportunity to experience a completely different approach to health care. 

And please… we encourage you to keep working with your regular Western medical doctor as well. Our approach is not about “switching,” it’s about supplementing. When indicated, we’ll collaborate with your doctor to get the answers you need and the good health you deserve.