Ready to take control of your health?

Find out if our Vitality Restoration Program is right for you.

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If you’re like many of our patients, you’ve been struggling with a chronic health condition for a long time.

You may be a little nervous, wondering…

  • “Will this work?”
  • “What do I have to do?”
  • “How will this be different than the other approaches I’ve tried?”

To answer those questions I created a FREE 3 Visit Assessment consultation so that you can experience our services first-hand. I can share what’s involved in our integrative approach, and assess whether you’re a good candidate for our treatments.

These three in-office visits days allow us to get to know each other before there are any commitments or obligations. There’s no pressure. If I don’t think we can radically improve your health – or you decide this approach is not right for you, that’s OK.

Ultimately,  I understand this is a big decision and commitment. That is why I want to make sure I give you the time and knowledge you need to feel comfortable about making the decision to change your life and get your health back.

Breakdown Of Each Day

  • Visit 1 –  30 min
    • We have a conversation about your health problems
    • I understand what exactly you are looking for 
    • I explain my holistic approach
    • You fill out a metabolic assessment form 

Bring a support person. After the first day you will know if I can help.

  • Visit 2 – 30 min
    • Treatment plan → We find out what kind of care you specifically need; we have treatment plans of various intensity. 
    • We go over all the labs we will order
    • Talk about money and payment options
    • You get a chiropractic/neurological balance 

After the second day you will have all your questions answered.

  • Visit 3 – 15 min (Today is all about you!) 
    • You decide if this is the care you’re looking for 
    • We answer any lingering or new questions
    • We schedule your exams and appointments

The reason I am giving away these 3 days is that we are going to work together for three to twelve months. You didn’t develop these conditions overnight, and you won’t fix them overnight. But if we work together, this may be one of the most impactful, pivotal journeys of your life. You get to reclaim YOU – and make your next year’s your best years.

Call our office at 608-276-7635 and ask for our Vitality Restoration Program.