Here’s my story.

Life takes some strange twists, doesn’t it?

I started my career in geophysics, but over 20 years ago my passion for martial arts took me down the path of becoming a chiropractor. I was fascinated by both the mechanical and mental challenges of chiropractic care, which I’ve since expanded into a full integrative health care practice.

Not only do I help my patients while they are in my office, but I send home exercises and provide nutritional support to encourage a lifestyle change.  My philosophy is that your brain and body need to be balanced.

Research is proving that inflammation often starts in your gut, then just shows up in your brain as depression or in your joints as arthritis. We work on your WHOLE BODY and your WHOLE PERSON. That’s what makes us a leader in integrative health care.

I’ve seen transformational results in both my personal life and my professional work.  My wife’s life-threatening thyroid condition is lead me toward researching everything I could, and becoming Madison’s #1 expert in alternative thyroid treatments.  Other family members saw vast improvement from autism spectrum disorders. My mission is PERSONAL! I feel an obligation to help as many patients I can in the time I have here on this earth.

It THRILLS me every day to see the progress my patients make when they finally get relief after years, sometimes DECADES, of seeing traditional medical doctors. Now, I firmly believe that Western medicine has its place. My family uses both, and I frequently collaborate with neurologists, orthopedic doctors and general physicians to create the absolute best collaborative care available for my patients.

If you are in chronic pain or suffering from a chronic illness, make an appointment! Our treatments don’t work for everybody. But our initial assessment and diagnostic work up should tell us very quickly whether this treatment is a good fit for you!

Dr. Steve Puckette

My credentials

Since graduating from Texas Chiropractic College, I’ve gone on to become a Board Certified Chiropractor Neurologist with over 700 Continuing Education hours in Functional Metabolism, Functional Blood Chemistry, and Nutrition through some of the best chiropractic universities and programs available.

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