Focus & Reading Trouble

Severe Foot Pain (Video)

Iritis, Mood Swings, & Stuttering

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Focus & Schoolwork Issues

Vertigo, Alzheimer’s, & Hearing Problems (Video)

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Degenerative Disc Disease (Video)

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Carpal Tunnel

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Peripheral Neuropathy

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MS & Low Energy (Video)

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Low Energy & Back Pain

Low Energy (Video)

Sleep Trouble

Low Energy & Back Pain (Video)

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Hip, Shoulder, Neck & Back Pain (Video)

Back Pain

Hip Pain (Video)


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Knee Pain (Video)

Shoulder & Hip Pain

Knee Pain (Video)

Frozen Shoulder & Migraines

Focus & Reading Trouble

My son had been under regular chiropractic care since birth, and after a school screening at age 8, he went through an extensive vision therapy program.  Every year, academically, he slipped further behind.  We studied hard and worked on his multiplication fact cards for years to no avail.  Even though my son was a calm child, at the beginning of 4th grade, the teacher pulled me aside and said she wanted me to get him on the drug Ritalin in hopes it would help him to stay focused for longer periods of time.  At this time, he had delays in processing information and was unable to follow more than a two-step direction.  His reading, spelling, and handwriting were poor.  He and I were regularly spending 2-3 hours on homework almost every night.  Just the mention of homework brought a stress reaction to both of us.

I have been involved with alternative medicine for years, and the drug Ritalin was not an option.  I had heard for years that some parents were successful in helping their children focus better by removing gluten from their diet.  I removed all gluten, dairy, and the majority of sugar from his diet.  The winter before I removed the gluten, he was literally sick with a new virus every 2 weeks and missed a lot of school due to fevers and ear infections.

He continued to struggle academically, but he dropped some weight, and even though we carpooled that winter with sick children, he didn’t even get a sniffle all winter and didn’t miss a day of school.

Then I found Dr. Puckette through Dr. O’Bryan, the gluten doctor at, doing a Wisconsin search.  After a genetic stool test, it showed that he had the two genes against gluten and should have never been on gluten since birth.  Each year eating gluten was like adding another 50 lb. sack of burden on his brain and it continued to throw him off neurologically.

Thankfully, the gluten was removed from his diet before it wreaked havoc on his gut causing him to also be sensitive to many other things.  He had to have a lot removed from his diet, but that was only temporary.  Dr. Puckette started treating him with adjustments, nutrition, and brain-based therapy.  After just a month or so after his therapy began, he had his multiplication fact cards all memorized and retained!  His motion sickness greatly improved, and his focus got much better—his reading improved from bottom 10th percentile to upper 75th percentile on standardized testing.  He went from 3rd to 7th grade reading level by the end of his treatment with Dr. Puckette.

It seems like so many practitioners offer just a few (pieces of the pie) services, but we feel Dr. Puckette offers all the pieces of the pie in order to heal the whole body fully AND without drugs!  We now have 4 family members in his program and plan to add more soon.  We all thank you for the great service!

Severe Foot Pain

“I feel great, I feel hopeful!”

Iritis, Mood Swings, and Stuttering

If only I’d followed Dr. Puckette’s advice sooner, I would have been off steroids and in good health years ago! About two years ago I finally did so and now I feel great.

About twenty-five years ago, I was diagnosed with iritis (anterior uveitis – inflammation of the iris, usually related to autoimmune disorders). I was put on steroids in order to maintain my eyesight. Of course, over twenty-some years, the steroids caused cataracts, glaucoma, and (lots of) mood swings. During that time, one rare ophthalmologist pointed out that, indeed, steroids were all the MDs had to offer, and if he were me, he would start exploring alternative medicine. So I did.

Several years ago, I moved to Madison and found Dr. Puckette. I was happy, because just with chiropractic adjustments, he helped me simply keep the iritis under control, alongside the steroids. At some point he started suggesting that I should stop eating dairy and gluten, so I cut down on them occasionally, but never took his advice truly seriously. After all, these were hard choices, and where was the scientific proof? For the next few years, my iritis pretty much stayed the same.

Then an MD, an allergist, showed me some ophthalmological studies (published in the last year or two) that documented a connection between dairy intake and iritis flare-ups. Finally, I cut out dairy altogether. Almost immediately, the iritis cleared up! I’ve been off dairy, off steroids, and iritis-free ever since (more than two years). If only I had taken Dr. Puckette’s advice seriously before!

The same goes for gluten. Once again, I had only half-heartedly followed Dr. Puckette’s advice. But the allergist insisted that gluten was tied to my mood swings and irritability. So I finally gave up gluten, much to my family’s delight (since I’m much nicer to be around now).

Needless to say, I now pay attention to Dr. Puckette’s suggestions. His methodology may not be backed up by double-blind scientific studies, but it works. Indeed, it works so much that, when my son started having stuttering problems, I brought him in and asked for help.

Again, Dr. Puckette found an answer. Food allergies: eggs, dairy, and gluten. This time, I followed his suggestion and took my son off these foods. The stuttering stopped. We took my son to the allergist, who confirmed those three allergies. We added eggs back in. The stuttering started again. We took him off eggs; it stopped. My son has now outgrown most of the allergies and stopped stuttering. Whew!

I can’t express enough my appreciation for Dr. Puckette’s care and advice. He was the first to pinpoint the causes of my worst health problems and those of my son. He continues to provide adjustments that help our allergies, reduce eye strain, give us more energy, reduce emotional stress—the list goes on and on. Who knows why it works, but it does. He has made a huge difference in my life. Now if only I’d listened to him earlier . . .

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

“Now I’m not in survival mode anymore, I’m able to function as an adult! “

Focus & Schoolwork Issues

[Student:] I’m starting to be able to get schoolwork done faster so I’m not late to any of my activities. Before, I wasn’t able to focus as much and I would have to take breaks. Schoolwork used to take until 3 in the afternoon, but now I’m done by 10 in the morning.

[Mother:] He’s doing a lot less moving around and dropping pencils just to pick them up. His reading has improved immensely. I’ve noticed a big difference in his math and reading. He’s able to sit at the counter for longer periods of time and so he can finish his work more quickly. He can dive in, get it done, and then take a short break. It’s been great.

We’ve avoided antibiotics and we haven’t had to go to the doctor for sinus infections. He got a cold recently, which last year would have led to a sinus infection, but he was able to clear it out without one developing.

Vertigo, Alzheimer’s, and Hearing Problems

“Dr. Puckette turned all of that around, and I’m so grateful. Thank you!”

I’ve been caring for my husband for 3 years since he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. What brought us to Dr. Puckette were his attacks of vertigo and nausea.  They were totally debilitating; he’d be out for 4 or 5 hours. We couldn’t go anywhere, but I didn’t know how I was going to keep him at home. I was at the end of my rope when I saw Dr. Puckette’s notices. I had worked with Dr. Puckette in the past, so I knew that he was good and that I could trust him because he’d helped me. I thought we might as well try it, because we didn’t know what else to do. So we talked to Steve; I talked with him for about 20 minutes on the phone and he said he thought he could help my husband. So we came in and started working with him.

It’s been almost two months and I’ve seen an amazing turn around. My husband has no more attacks of vertigo and nausea. It frees us up to go places and to live our lives, to visit friends, to have people over for dinner without worrying what could happen. But what may be more important for other people who are caring for Alzheimer’s patients is that I’ve noticed a change in his cognizance, his awareness, his ability to focus and stay present in a conversation. He shows more initiative in following through on things. He goes to the adult day center at the Colonial Club 2 days a week and he can interact with people. I was worried that he wouldn’t be able to continue doing that if his attacks continued.

In addition, his hearing was shot when we started coming; he couldn’t hear anything. I had to holler in his ear for him to hear me. Now if we talk in almost a normal tone, he’s okay, and I have a feeling that there is as much improvement in his comprehension as there is in his hearing. He said yesterday, “I think the ‘hearing loss’ was almost as much about being overwhelmed by too many words as it was about the actual hearing.” I thought that was an incredible insight that related to exactly where he was at. He was really overwhelmed, and Dr. Puckette turned all of that around, and I’m so grateful. Thank you!

Ulcerative Colitis

“I can directly point to Dr. Puckette and say that is the reason I’m gaining and getting my life back!”


I cannot say enough about Dr. Puckette’s exceptional care.  In essence, he has given me my life back!  I heard about Dr. Puckette through a neuro-metabolic group, which is an organization of over 400 doctors around the world who’ve come together to help patients with chronic conditions.

Being a chiropractor for over 20 years myself, I’ve been fortunate to work alongside, learn from, and be taken care of by some of the BEST doctors in the profession.  In spite of this, I struggled with severe anxiety and panic attacks for over a decade.  While I did make progress, it never went away completely; it just became more tolerable.  I’d almost given up on ever feeling normal again.

My quality of life sucked, to put it bluntly.  I had to “distract myself” by staying busy constantly.  I couldn’t even enjoy my family the way I would have liked to because I was in survival mode most of the time.  At my worst, I couldn’t sleep and had to force myself to eat.  I paced around my house for hours.  I couldn’t sit still long enough to eat at a restaurant, let alone go to a movie or church.  I could not drive as my legs would get weak and shaky.  I didn’t want to be around people and have to try to hide the terror I felt.  It just wasn’t fun.  At that point I think I developed agoraphobia, an anxiety disorder in which you fear and often avoid situations and places.  

I found out that my immune system had been attacking my adrenal glands, brain, pancreas, and connective tissue.  No wonder I felt that way!  Medical doctors had never checked for that. They did an EKG and told me to take anti-anxiety medication.  But I knew there was a reason why I felt that way.   Dr. Puckette has guided me through all of the new information.  He gave me some simple brain exercises that have helped beyond measure.  I feel “normal” again (I still have “normal” problems in life but it’s so much easier to deal with what life hands you when you feel like yourself again).  Before, I felt my ability to cope with stress was severely compromised.  That has dramatically improved, and I am extremely thankful and thrilled with my results.  I recently even drove to his office, which is over 4 hours round-trip.  I never would have had the confidence to do that before I started under his care. 

I am inspired by his caring and kindness. What he is doing brought me back to the whole reason why I got into this profession. He really cares about his patients and their lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Degenerative Disc Disease

“Now I remember what it feels like to be connected and healthy and not on medications!”

About a year ago, I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease and given a pretty sad, hopeless prognosis that my life was going to be painful and I would feel old very fast. My friend recommended Dr. Puckette. I had been to a neurologist who told me I wasn’t a surgical candidate and there wasn’t a lot they could do for me. They gave me a lot of narcotics and muscle relaxers and sent me home. After just a few weeks of coming to see Dr. Puckette twice a week, with adjustments and nutrition, I started noticing that I wasn’t needing my pain pills or my muscle relaxants anymore. Within a couple of months I was completely off the meds and pain-free.

I stopped seeing him last spring, and was feeling very good for about six months, until a couple of weeks ago when I started to notice discomfort coming back. I started for the ibuprofen again and I remembered my disease. So I came back for an adjustment and immediately felt better. There’s a feeling of connection after just one session. Now I remember what it feels like to be connected and healthy and not on medications.


“I don’t leap tall buildings anymore, but I do live my life!”

I’ve been working with Dr. Puckette on my fibromyalgia. When I started, I was icing every day for most of the day and always going to bed with ice on one tender spot or another. My nutrition was nonexistent. But since I’ve been on the program and eating appropriately and taking the supplements and working with Steve, I think I’m 50-70% better. I don’t think fibromyalgia goes away completely, but when I started I was nonfunctioning, and now I can do pretty much what I want to do. I don’t leap tall buildings anymore, but I do live my life. Thank you.

Carpal Tunnel

I was due to have surgery on my wrists because of carpal tunnel syndrome, with which I had been suffering for 5 years. I had tried other chiropractors, cranial sacral therapy, Rolfing, massage therapy, acupressure, and exercise, but nothing seemed to work. After the referral of a friend, I came to Puckette Chiropractic and after the first treatment, I had regained the use of my left hand. During my treatments, Dr. Puckette also discovered that I had an allergy to wheat, so after removing that from my diet, I no longer have pain in my joints.

One of my favorite hobbies is doll-making, which was very difficult before my treatments, but now I can feel my hands and hold the paintbrush with no problem. I also love to sew and can do that so much more than before.

I like coming in to Puckette Chiropractic because Dr. Puckette is always working on some other part of my healing and I can feel the changes in my body as I progress. It makes me feel so good to have more energy and less pain.

Low Energy

“My sleep has improved. My mood has improved. I’ve lost weight without really trying!”

My sleep has improved. My mood has improved. I’ve lost weight without really trying. I can exercise more without being exhausted. I used to be able to bike an hour and fifteen minutes after months of training and if I really pushed myself, but then I wouldn’t be able to do anything else that day. Now I can easily go faster for an hour and forty-five minutes, come home, get a drink of water, and then clean my house. I can take care of my 4 children. It’s a huge difference, just with taking 1 supplement. It’s surreal.

Other fish oils gave me headaches, but not the one Dr. Puckette gave me. That’s when I started trusting him. Other natural doctors would give me 7 supplements that didn’t do anything. I also used to have a huge bloating problem, but since I started eating better, it’s all gone down. It’s like I have a superpower now; the way I am living now is so different from what I was capable of before.

Peripheral Neuropathy

“I turned to my wife and said, ‘I don’t have any pain!’ My pain level was zero!”

We started with Dr. Puckette after I’d had some improvement in my condition, but it wasn’t as complete as I wanted it to be. So I looked at the ads in the paper and saw Dr. Puckette’s advertising for neuropathy treatments. My peripheral neuropathy was bad at that time in the bottoms of my feet and hands. I was skeptical, as I usually am, but Dr. Puckette convinced me that what he was doing was the right thing. Now every time I come in I get a little better. After the last time I was here for an appointment, the following night I turned to my wife and said, “I don’t have any pain.” My pain level was zero, and it stayed that way all day, all night, the next day, and into the day after. Then I had one episode of pain, but it didn’t last long, and I haven’t had any pain since. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it myself, and I don’t expect anyone else to believe until they experience it for themselves, but I would sure encourage them to give it a try, because it worked for me. With a little more fine-tuning I’m going to have a whole new life, and I’m over 80 years old.

Peripheral Neuropathy

Three years ago, I thought I’d burned my tongue with hot soup. I thought the burn would go away, and it just persistently kept nagging on. That was a year before the feet started to feel numb, tingly, and burning from the balls of the feet to the tips of the toes. It would get so bad in the evening that I could not sit still. I would try to massage my feet, but it wouldn’t help.

My sister called and said she’d seen an ad in the State Journal about Dr. Puckette. So we went to one of his seminars, and it was well worth it. In the last 10-11 months, my feet and tongue have improved 50-80%. My wife and I go grocery shopping after my sessions with Dr. Puckette. In the past, I would usually push the cart, using it for support as much as anything, and I would have to stop altogether after about 10 minutes and go back to the car to rest my legs. But for the past few months, I’ve been able to go 30-40 minutes without my feet bothering me. It’s been a great experience. I’ve been able to cut my pain medication by 1/3 and eliminate several other medications I had been taking. My general health is stable and I can do the things I enjoy again. Although health insurance does not generally cover alternative medicine, it was well worth every penny.

Gastrointestinal Issues

“I just feel so much better!”

I had had diarrhea all my life. About a year or so ago my health started taking a turn for the worse. I was on round after round of antibiotics for one thing or another. I tried to go to conventional doctors but nothing seemed to help. I had seen gastroenterologists for years trying to figure out what was wrong, and my family practice doc really only knew how to treat the symptoms. I wanted to get better, to get healthy. I started looking into what was around in our area. 

Having a child with severe autism, I was aware of non-conventional doctors but not for the treatment I needed. I then found Dr. Steve Puckette. I went to one of his free lectures about thyroid issues and started working with him on nutrition and healing myself starting with one of the most important organs: my gut. He was able to tell me what I was eating that was not good for me, so I started on a very strict diet, eliminating things my body was reacting to and adding supplements to improve my immune system. I cannot believe the results! I have not been on antibiotics in a year and my stools are now normal. I’ve lost 60 lbs. and am feeling more energetic, alive, and healthy for the first time in my life.

Fatigue & Headaches

“It’s been about 6 or 7 years since I’ve felt this good!”

When I first started seeing Dr. Puckette, I was feeling a lot of fatigue and a lack of motivation to work, I would get really bad headaches at least 4 times a week, and I had pain in my hip. I saw my general practitioner and got a TSH panel. For a while I took Levothyroxine, but I didn’t feel any change. I tried researching a different way of treating my problems. I found Dr. Puckette, and since I started seeing him things have gone very well; I’ve felt a lot better this year than I had in 7 years.

I came here because I saw Dr. Puckette’s ad in the paper. It described several of the symptoms that I had, so I thought maybe I had a thyroid problem. I came because I wanted to get over my lack of energy and memory issues. My focus was completely compromised. I didn’t know what was happening around me; I just did what was necessary to get through the day. I didn’t even know what my daughter was doing. I didn’t have enough energy for myself, let alone my daughter.

I was also very weak because I wasn’t eating properly. I kept losing weight every few months. I had stomach pains that acted up when I ate. I didn’t know what foods would cause me pain and which ones wouldn’t. It looked like the foods I loved—rice and potatoes—were the cause. I kept losing weight, but I didn’t understand what was causing it. If I ate less, there was less pain, but it wouldn’t stop.

Before I came here, I worked with my physician and homeopathic practitioners. Their treatments would work for a while, but pain came back. The adjustments here have worked wonders on my stomach. I’ve especially felt a change in my focus, which improved before my diet did.       

Since coming here, I’ve changed my food a lot. Initially, it was very hard for me to stop my original lifestyle, but what I got in return was no pain. I was afraid to go out for a while, because I knew I would eat whatever I wanted. Now I’m not afraid to go out, because I know I can stick to my diet. I feel lighter, and my sleep is better.  Everything is slowly improving.


“I feel a lot better. All of those symptoms disappeared!”

I was losing weight and I didn’t know why. I was having night sweats, trouble sleeping, trouble getting back to sleep, and my mood was unpredictable. I felt that my symptoms matched hyperthyroidism, and I wanted it corrected. Since starting care with Dr. Puckette 4 months ago, I feel a lot better. All of those symptoms disappeared: I sleep well through the night; if I wake up I go back to sleep right away; I don’t have night sweats anymore; my moods are on a more even keel. The best thing for me is that I can approach situations that used to stress me out in a non-stressful way, and I’m able to deal with those situations better.

MS and Low Energy

“I’ve seen a noticeable difference, but so has my family, which I think is even better!”

I was diagnosed with MS 14 years ago. The first symptom appeared about 20 years ago, and it’s steadily progressed since then. Four months ago, I wasn’t working out at all. It was a challenge to even get through the day. I would have to take naps. I was extremely fatigued by the end of the day.

Since I started treatment here, my fatigue has reduced greatly. I’m working out, and I’m more involved with my family. Now if I take a short 5-10 minute nap, I have energy for the rest of the night to make dinner, do homework, take a bath, and exercise. I’m getting pieces of my life back. I’m really excited. I’ve seen a noticeable difference, but so has my family, which I think is even better. I’m able to do more with them, and they see that and they’re like, “Mom. Wow.” It’s a great feeling. Also, my neurologist called and said the lesions in my neck are unchanged, there’s no active MS in my brain, and the lesions in my brain have reduced.


“I wake up and I feel great. That hadn’t happened in 21 years!”

I’ve had cats for 21 years and they’ve always slept on my bed. I used to not be able to stay in my house because I would be sneezing and my eyes would water. It used to be really, really bad, and I would have to leave my house for hours to let it clear up. After 3 appointments with Dr. Puckette, I was able to have my cats sleep with me on my couch. I’ve been with them for 2 days straight and have been fine. I haven’t taken any allergy medication. I wake up and I feel great. That hadn’t happened in 21 years.

Low Energy and Back Pain

I was living with upper back pain and stiffness, myofascial pain, headaches, and really low energy that had gradually worsened over 6 years. I tried massage therapy, but the results only lasted a little while. I even tried chiropractic but had no relief. After just one treatment with Dr. Puckette, I went home and slept for 2 hours! Now I have more energy and enjoy walking for longer distances. One of the great benefits of receiving care at Puckette Chiropractic is that I am emotionally stable and have more head clarity. I enjoy coming in because of the relaxed atmosphere.

Low Energy

“Its almost feels like I’m starting to live again!”

When I first came in, I was having a lot of trouble. I couldn’t stay awake, no matter what I tried. I had zero energy to do anything. It was the most I could do to get up and go to doctors’ appointments, and I was still missing a lot of those because I didn’t have the energy to go. I have 2 daughters—a 17-year-old and a 4-year-old. It was really rough, not being able to interact with or do anything with my 4-year-old.

Now, it’s like night and day. I’m up and about, doing something every day and getting out of the house. I’m able to go grocery shopping by myself, and I eat the healthy foods that I want to eat. I’m able to interact and play with my daughter and teach her things. It almost feels like I’m starting to live again.

Sleep Trouble

I used to have miserable sleep—only three to four hours a night. My previous doctor tried to help me by having me stare at this light thing for about two hours before I went to bed, which was supposed to help keep me awake. It didn’t help me.

The next thing I did was take a pill that was supposed to help me stay awake. Then we tried melatonin, about one milligram. It did nothing. The next doctor did more complicated things. He had me wear a watch-like thing on my wrist for two weeks. He had a look at it, and that’s when he told me I had something he had only seen in three other people in eleven years. He had no idea how to fix it, because there were so few of us.

That’s how I was told I had Advanced Sleep Phase Disorder.

I visited Dr. Puckette, and by the second week of being on the nutrients Dr. Puckette recommended for me, I started having eight-hour nights. I don’t fall asleep driving on the road anymore. Yesterday, I stayed up until ten thirty. Hopefully, as I get more sleep, my memory will also get better.

Low Energy and Back Pain

“Now I feel 98%—the best I’ve ever felt!”

I have more energy than I’d ever had before in my life. I used to always want to nap, but I haven’t wanted to nap in several weeks. I wake up ready to go an hour before the alarm goes off. I have energy and an enthusiasm for life; I feel excited. Before I started here, I had constant pain in my lower back and hip; it hurt walking up stairs and it was hard to get out of a chair. I felt like I was 90-100 years old. I had low stamina, and sometimes I’d have 2-3 naps in a day. I had irritable bowel. Now I feel 98%—the best I’ve ever felt.

When I first came in, my priority was to lose weight, because I thought if I could lose 15-20 pounds, I would be healthy and energetic; I would be a new person. Dr. Puckette told me that weight loss was not a goal of the program—better health was, and that weight loss might be a positive side effect. So I put losing weight out of my mind. In the first week I lost 7 pounds. I’ve been eating wisely now for 5 weeks, and I’ve lost a total of 18 pounds eating as much as I want, as often as I want. It’s not like dieting.

Severe Moods and Multiple Symptoms

“On a 100-point scale, I’m 80% better!”

Last December, I felt awful all the time. I’d made a conscious decision in October to slow my life down and to stop making plans, because I couldn’t keep them, and that stressed me out. I used to have a 2-page list of symptoms that I consulted MDs for. All I heard was a long chorus of, “We think it’s this; we think it’s that,” but none of them knew what it was. Eventually after about 5 years of that, I started taking thyroid medication, and it didn’t go well. I was on it for a year, but I still had symptoms. In 2009, all my symptoms grew worse.

Now, my moods have changed in severity and duration. The first thing we did was take gluten out of my diet. For a couple of weeks I’d be up, then for a couple of weeks I’d be down, then for a couple of weeks I’d be in between. The moods aren’t as severe as they were before. My mornings, which are the times I still feel a bit yucky, have improved in the last month.

On a 100-point scale, I’m 80% better. It depends on the moment you catch me, because some days I feel better or a bit worse. If I looked at my 2-page list of symptoms now, there would be so many things that I don’t have issues with anymore or that I just feel a tinge of.

Chronic Pain

“It was a great experience!”

We came in because my husband was on a tremendous amount of pain medication. By 6 o’clock at night, I couldn’t have a relevant conversation with him because of the amount of medication he needed to control his pain. We had been in mainstream medicine for years, and in 2002 he had cancer surgery, and 30 days later he had a heart attack, and from there on things just spiraled downward. We found no relief anywhere after visiting various medical doctors and specialists.


I first sought out chiropractic treatment because I had numbness on the right side of my body, including my face, arm, and leg. I had tried medical doctors, exercise, diets, and other treatments to correct the discomfort but nothing seemed to work. Finally, a relative told me about their experience with a kinesiologist in another state and recommended I try to find one here in Madison. After just one treatment with Dr. Puckette I noticed an improvement.

There are so many benefits to kinesiology that I never anticipated. I now have no more trouble with my sinuses and allergies, my mind is clearer, and I find that I am calmer and more relaxed than before. I feel like I am more emotionally stable as well. What is even better is I can do everyday activities like walking and shopping knowing I am not going to hurt afterward.

Hip, Shoulder, Back, & Neck Pain

“Now I’m straight and strong and doing much better, and I can thank Dr. Puckette and his treatments.”

I’m 52 and I’d reached a point in my life where, through various accumulated injuries and stress over work and other activities, I had chronic pain in my hips, my right shoulder, my upper back, and my neck. My wife suggested that I come in to see Dr. Puckette; she had created a relationship with him because of her own pain. So I came in and had an open mind. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Dr. Puckette started me on a treatment. It’s a few months later now, and on a day-to-day basis I am pretty much pain-free. I haven’t done anything other than follow Dr. Puckette’s advice and do his homework assignments, which are very minimal and very simple. It’s all about learning a little bit about how my mind and body connect and understanding that they can sometimes be disconnected.

What I’ve learned is that I have a tendency to just keep working through everything in life and not let anything stop me. I start favoring one body part and avoiding using certain muscle groups, which results in my not having good posture and not being straight and strong. Now I’m straight and strong and doing much better, and I can thank Dr. Puckette and his treatments.

Back Pain

I suffered with severe low back pain since 1956 after the birth of my first child. Over the years I had tried conventional medicines and medical doctors but could find no relief. My son was seeing an applied kinesiologist in Texas and recommended I find one here in Madison. After just a couple of adjustments, I noticed an improvement, and it got better with each visit. Now I can rake leaves, stand to wash dishes or cook, and do many other activities I hadn’t been able to do for many years!

I am amazed at how friendly everybody at Puckette Chiropractic is; even other patients are so courteous. Many times they’ve helped me out of my car or held the door open for me. When I walk into the office it is a very relaxed atmosphere, and I’m always greeted with a smile!

Hip Pain

“I have my life back!”

I came here with hip pain about 2 years ago. The doctors had told me that I had arthritis there and at some point I would have to have a hip replacement. I was in pain just walking up and down the stairs. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, but it was affecting my living routine. One a 10-point scale, the pain was between a 6 and a 7.

The summer that I was having the bad hip pain, I lay down on the couch as much as I could. My activities were limited, and I needed to rest and recoup whenever I could. I walked with a cane, which helped the pain. Now, I no longer walk with a cane. I have my life back. It took maybe 6-8 weeks total. It was almost miraculous. When I went back to school, I was still walking with a cane, but I was able to gradually eliminate that. Then I got back to my activities. I don’t run anymore, but I can still do all of my daily activities.

There are very few pain flares now. I try to come in every 3 weeks, and Dr. Puckette usually finds something, but in between, I have very little pain—though irritation is a better word for it.


For about 5 years I had been living with sciatica in my left leg. It was so painful I could not perform even everyday activities. After trying several other forms of treatment and therapies, I came to Puckette Chiropractic. I noticed an immediate improvement in my condition. Now not only am I able to perform normal activities like mopping the floor, but I can ski, bike, and enjoy taking longer walks.

Another wonderful benefit to my treatment is the change in my right knee. I was told that I would have to have the knee replaced, but since coming to Puckette Chiropractic, my knee has repaired itself!

There were also other unexpected changes in store for me. For 30 years I had been suffering from bouts of dizziness that have greatly reduced with treatment, but the most surprising benefit is that I have gained back 2 ½ inches of height! I appreciate how Dr. Puckette really listens to any concerns I may have and celebrates all of the achievements my body makes.

Shoulder & Knee Pain

“For me it’s made a big, big improvement and I’m real happy with the results!”

When I first started here, my 7-year-old granddaughter was living with me, and I wanted to be able to keep up with her. I was having problems with my shoulders, which were burning all the time. I found relief with massage, but the pain would start up again in the next day or so. I was also having difficulty with my knees, which were painful and had swelling beneath them. I didn’t know from day to day if I was going to be able to walk or if I would need a cane to help me. I had to be careful around steps, so I avoided them. I saw Dr. Puckette’s ad in the paper, and I thought to myself, “I’m going to do this.” I made the phone call that day and they called me the next morning.

Everything’s much better now. I noticed the other day as I went down the curb that it was the first time that my knees didn’t hurt. I didn’t have to balance myself, and it didn’t feel like I was making an effort. I’ve also noticed that getting up and down from sitting is easier and I don’t have to brace myself. The results for my back are good, too. I don’t have any pain or discomfort there anymore. I’m also not taking as much Tylenol anymore—I used to take a couple a day and then ice the problem spots. Now I only take pain meds once or twice a week if I need to. On a scale of 0-10, my knee pain is about 50% better.

Neck Pain and Thought Problems

I originally came in to Puckette Chiropractic for neck pain that had been a problem off and on for about 3 months. I had not tried any other therapies for my pain but took the referral of one of my best friends to see a chiropractor. I noticed an improvement immediately.

More amazing than that, I discovered that my thought process had returned to me in full force. Over the years my thought process had been degenerating so much so that I was concerned about the possibility that I had multiple sclerosis or the early signs of Alzheimer’s disease. After one of the first adjustments, I went home and talked for two days straight, because I could!

Knee Pain

“Now I can bend down and put pressure on my left leg and not worry about pain!”

The pain level for my knee was a constant average of 7-8. At times it would go up to a 9, depending on what I was doing, like working, walking, or bending over. Bending over and putting pressure on my left leg were what caused my knee to hurt the most, almost to the point where it felt it would give out from underneath me. The pain was bone-on-bone, and my MD told me that eventually I’d need a new knee, and he said the pain of recovery would actually be even worse than the pain I was experiencing.

I think it was about 3 or 4 months into working with Dr. Puckette when I really started to notice the change. Now, if I have any pain, it’s maybe a shot of 2 or 3, and it’s just a shot that goes away immediately; it’s not a constant pain. Now I can bend down and put pressure on my left leg and not worry about pain or having it go out from underneath me. I wouldn’t even consider getting knee surgery now. And now I can move forward to work on my shoulder.

Shoulder & Hip Pain

For 29 years I had extreme pain in my right shoulder and right hip. The pain was so bad I could not sleep on my right side. I was taking pain killers just to try to make it through the day. Dr. Puckette recommended I come in to see if the techniques he used could work for me. After 5 treatments, I noticed an improvement in my body. Since that time, I am able to touch my toes and sleep on my right side! Most of my friends and family knew I had been having difficulty sleeping on my right side and were surprised to find out that it is no longer a problem for me.

I like that the staff and Dr. Puckette have a sense of humor, creating a relaxed atmosphere in the office. I also love that it took such a short time to start feeling better.

Knee Pain

“For anyone suffering from knee pain, I would suggest coming to see Dr. Puckette.”

I came to Dr. Puckette with severe knee pain. We’ve been working together for 2 months now. When we first started, my knee pain was at about a 10. It really hurt to walk. Today, I have zero knee pain. It’s been gone for 5 days, and I’m going to keep working at it. The laser treatment really works. It is truly amazing that I can walk without pain. I started being able to notice a change after 2 weeks of visiting twice a week. It was a gradual change; my pain went from a 10 to a 7, then from a 7 to a 5, then from a 5 to a 0. I’m amazed. For anyone suffering from knee pain, I would suggest coming to see Dr. Puckette.

Frozen Shoulder and Migraines

For 5 years I dealt with two major problems. My right shoulder was frozen, making it impossible to move and extremely painful to walk because of the jarring it produced. I tried physical therapy and south out treatment from medical doctors, who prescribed painkillers to help me try to get through the day. I was also having 20 to 25 migraines every month, making sleep nearly impossible. Yoga and chiropractic treatments were the only things that seemed to help.

After the referral of a friend, I sought out treatment with Dr. Puckette. On the very first treatment he helped the muscle under my right collarbone loosen, and it brought tremendous relief. Although it took a year for the pain to completely disappear, I am grateful that now I have no pain at all!

My life has changed dramatically because of the treatment I’ve received. I am able to walk and do cardiovascular exercise, which I could not do before. I feel much more alert during the day because of the restful sleep I have at night. Many friends and family have commented that I seem much happier than before.

I love that there is not much of a wait at the office, and the sessions are speedy and accurate. I have told everybody at work about my experience at Puckette Chiropractic.