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Integrative medicine is the practice of putting a whole person’s health into perspective, looking at how the mind interacts with the body. This allows us to provide unique care to each person and put patient care first. The body has the ability to heal itself, however, there are areas that could be lacking support. Using this approach, we are able to dive deeper and find the root causes of imbalances within the body to improve your health. 

We strive to make the most of each appointment with the use of specific techniques and tools that will improve your overall health and wellness. Learn more about what we do at Puckette Integrative Healthcare by reading below. 

·         Neuro Emotional Techniques – This technique looks at how the body responds to different stressors. This includes getting your brain and body connected, thinking about stressors in your daily life, and finding out where and how this stress affects your nervous system. Dr. Puckette then will reconnect you in order to relieve some of the stress that has built up in the body.

·         Chiropractic  –Targeted, manual chiropractic adjustments on the spine or extremities used to stimulate the joints and nervous system. This is used to strengthen the function of the brain and body.

·         BBT – Brain based therapies are used to exercise specific pathways throughout the brain to strengthen and stabilize nervous system function. These exercises are unique to each patient and will be evaluated through a neurological exam. 

·         Labs and Nutrition – This component of functional medicine is used to determine the measurable differences of our body chemistry. This can allow us to find dysfunction or imbalances within the body.

·         Functional based nutrition – Techniques are used to test nutrition and nutritional supplements. These techniques assist with finding a designated or implied effect on the body and nervous system.

·         Functional neuro – Includes standard neurological testing, and nonstandard neurological tests. We do this two ways, standard and nonstandard ways of testing the body’s nervous system to find any vulnerable pathways. This is how you are evaluated for brain based therapies.

·         Psychological reversal – Our nervous system can respond inappropriately to our thoughts, which can be off putting. We will retrain the brain to attain a more appropriate response.

·         Applied kinesiology – A physical method of using muscle testing techniques to assess the nervous system and assess different treatments for effectiveness.

·         Acupressure based reflex – A technique that is a part of Applied Kinesiology, where we can acupuncture points to stimulate nervous system function.

·         Touch for health – Teachable health techniques that allows you to be more involved in your own care.

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