Healthy Eating Tips For The Holidays!

Eating Tips for The Holidays

The holidays can be a challenging time to stay on a diet or eat the foods that agree with your body. Food is usually shared during this time and we tend to know what certain foods do to our body. Eating those foods can cause some troubles with your body, so staying active, planning, and eating before you may go somewhere for the holidays can assist with some of the difficult decisions that you have to make around food.

3 Strategies For Staying Healthy

1). The first is staying active during this time. Keeping ourselves busy and getting exercise can assist with overall mobility and keeps you healthy while still maintaining the progress that you have made.  

2). When you know that you may be going somewhere or be around food that you may not want to eat, prepare for this and eat at home before. Know that you want to go and spend time with those who matter to you during the holidays. When asked why you are not eating certain foods, it can be helpful to state the importance of spending time, and explaining that you are eating a certain way for your health. Express that quality time is the most important.

3). Planning! The first step of planning is going through and listing holidays that are coming up. List the people and foods that you could be exposed to. Then list the foods that mean the most to you. Third, out of the foods that you have listed, state which of these foods matter so much that it won’t be a holiday if you didn’t have them. We suggest finding 2-3 foods that are the most important during this time.  By figuring out the foods that are important to you, it is easier to stay on track with your diet.

Finally, once you figure out what foods you would like to eat, eat them without guilt because it really matters! This doesn’t mean that there won’t be consequences, but that’s okay. It connects us to our memories and understand that you are ok with this. You can then walk away understanding that you can still have a great holiday while staying on track with healthy eating!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office. Happy holidays!

Here’s To A Better Life,

Dr. Steve Puckette