What is Meridian Tracing?

Meridian Tracing

Meridian tracing is a helpful technique that assists in moving energy throughout the body using the meridian line on the surface of the body. Tracing these lines evens and smooths the flow of energy throughout your body.

What are the Meridians?

There are 12 major meridians. They run on both sides of the body, mirroring each other and each pathway corresponds to an internal body function or organ. These pathways are considered a network of “energy channels.” The energy that is transferred through these pathways can sometimes get blocked or caught up in a certain area. The energy in the meridians can come from the food we eat, blood-flow, and other activities that we do during the day. Below is a chart that can be useful when starting to trace the Meridians.

Follow along with the video a few times to see how the process is completed. See how you feel after completing this exercise a few times per day. If you have any questions please feel free to call the office or send us an email.

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Dr. Steve Puckette