How Chronic Stress Affects Your Mood

How Chronic Stress Affects Your Mood

When we find ourselves to be in a mood where we are anxious, depressed and notice other mood issues, this can sometimes be attributed to high, chronic stress levels. These high levels can negatively affect our mood. You could be a mellow person and notice that these thoughts have started to affect you. This may be your body trying to communicate something with you.

How the Adrenal Glands Play A Part

The hormones that our body uses to deal with stress, adrenaline and cortisol are used when we are in fight or flight. They allow our body to be capable of dealing with more stress than it usually does. However, it is necessary to give the body time to recover and recuperate so that it can rebuild itself and can handle more stress more efficiently the next time. When we don’t recuperate, our body wears down from always being in fight, flight or freeze.

When we forget what is really stressing us, it can lead to excessive worry. Our nervous system is running this pattern for us and we can get stuck here leading you to start looking for something to worry about because you are stuck in this fight or flight. It can come in stages and the negative mood can be a result of what is happening within our body.

How Do We Deal With This?

At Puckette Integrative Healthcare, we look at you from a physical, neurological, and nutritional perspective. We also look at the lifestyle factors that could be contributing, such as exercise, sleep, food, and fluids and making sure you have time to recover. Using all of these tools will assist with giving the adrenal glands the break that they need. In addition, moving your spine will assist because when we are in a stage of high stress, we lose the ability to move fully. Adjustments are a great way to get that movement within your body and assist the body to enter a stage of relaxation and recovery.

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