The Important Connections Within Mental Illness

The Important Connections In Mental Illness

Mental illness has been looked at one certain way for several years. The article that is discussed in this video, The Hidden Links of Mental Disorders, gives a different perspective. The ideas in this journal article discuss that one diagnoses, or type of mental illness could give you a higher likelihood of having another mental illness.

What this article is stating is that there may be a connection between these different illnesses. Several of the factors that are seen in one illness, can be seen in others. Please view the diagram below to see how different mental illnesses are connected.

How Is This Information Connected To Your Overall Health?

This is similar to your health because it is multifactorial. There are several different pieces that we look at when trying to better your health. We look at lab test results, diet, brain function, and several other different factors to see where dysfunction may be present. Our brains are very important in this sense because if our brain is not functioning physiologically, it can negatively effect your mental health and overall health. This article shows that there is a newer and more beneficial way to look at mental illness and how it is connected with your body’s function. There are several factors that are at work with our health, and it is important to realize that there may be one or more factors that is causing an imbalance in the body.

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