Getting healthy is HARD. Staying sick is HARDER!

Chronic illness is hard; autoimmune disease is hard; living with these is exhausting. Living with these conditions and the idea that you’re going to have to pick yourself up by your bootstraps and pull yourself out of it is hard. Having to tell your kids no, I don’t have the energy or my pain level is too high to watch your school play: that is hard. Not having family dinner because you can’t prepare it is hard. Watching the world around you go on without you that is hard. But you already know this.

What It Takes To Get Healthy

People come in, and they talk with me about what it takes to get better. They ask, “what have your patients with XYZ disease done in the past to get better?” I tell them that they cleaned up their diet, changed their schedule, focus on sleeping more, and they say no to more activities while they are recovering. Most people’s response is, “Wow, that sounds hard. I don’t know if I can make all those changes.” And they aren’t wrong; it is overwhelming, and I feel intensely for them.

The truth is life is going to be hard. You’ve already experienced the challenge of having a chronic illness and the hard of being sick. As humans, we gravitate towards what we know and the pain that we are familiar with instead of the pain we don’t know. It’s easy to get stuck living the hard life of being sick, and wanting a magic pill to make you better.

Medication Doesn’t Cure Chronic Disease

Typically the first step people with chronic disease do is go to the medical doctors to get medicine. Medicine is easy you open up the bottle, you take the pill, and that is the solution medicine provides us, however, for chronic illness that is not a solution. Medicine is fantastic at treating acute problems, but for chronic disease, health doesn’t come in a pill. You can’t get your health back by taking pills that would not make a healthy person healthy.

You have a choice to make, and that is which hard you want to pick. If you choose hard the right way, your tomorrow is going to be a little easier. And the next day is going to get a little easier. And before you know it, the lifestyle changes you once thought were hard are just going to become everyday habits. Your energy is going to increase, and your pain level is going to decrease, and before you know it, you’re going to be living a vibrant life again.

If you choose the hard of being sick, you will experience quite the opposite effects. Every day will not get more effortless, and it will get harder. Your energy is going to decrease, and your pain is going to increase, and before you know it the once healthy, vibrant person you were will be a distant memory.

Living A Healthy Life Is EASY Here’s Why

If you think cooking is hard (which for most people it is) and managing life is hard, think back to what your grandparents went through. To put food on the table, a lot of them were out on the farm planting, weeding, watering, harvesting, and raising cows. Today what we think is difficult is shopping on the outside of the grocery store. We find it challenging to turn raw ingredients into a meal. This is because, on inside of the grocery store, they promised us little effort for a delicious meal, which in my opinion, is false advertising because they are not selling you real food.

“Food” that is in boxes that can sit on the shelf for a year or even years because it’s not going to break down means it’s not going to break down inside your body. If you compare cooking to convenient processed food then YES cooking is hard but if you compare to what your grandparents did for the food we’ve got it so easy.

Taking raw ingredients, learning how to eat healthily, and how to cook nutrient-dense meals, and getting the satisfaction of creating something is a helluva lot easier than being sick. So as you are evaluating your options of what is more complicated, I think there is an obvious answer as to which option is more difficult.

Next Step To Regaining Your Health

Ultimately the choice is yours. If you have decided that you want to choose the challenge of regaining your health my vitality restoration program was designed for you.

My vitality restoration program is how I go about embracing all of these different pieces that are crucial to be healthy so that we can go through and find out what are your unique problems so we can get to the underlying cause. I have many people come into my office, and they all have a similar diagnosis, but they have different triggers and different underlying causes. In this program, I go through and find out what are YOUR unique causes and why are you sick. As I go through this, you will see how I’ve helped hundreds of patients who have been told that they aren’t getting better and they have to suffer and take the medications that give them some pain relief. I’ve helped these people reach their health and their life back.

Here’s To A Better Life,

Dr. Steve Puckette