I’m a Madison WI Alternative medicine Doctor. That means I offer health care alternatives outside of the traditional health care industry, but I am NOT against conventional medicine. I’m incredibly grateful that we have so many wonderful doctors in Madison.

My wife is alive because of their excellent medical care — but she is not healthy because of medicine.

Her quality of life is due to the treatment of 7 different factors I address in my office: nervous system, metabolism, digestion, hormones, immune system, inflammation, and her genetics. 

These are the pieces that conventional medicine doesn’t always address. They may address one or two problems if they see an obvious connection to the disease they are treating by prescribing another drug. 

It is essential to know when medication is necessary and when it is not. My wife is thriving in her life because we made sure to support all the other pieces. The body is an integrated system that is why I take an integrated and holistic approach to treating patients. 

Conventional Medicine

 The United States is the best in the world at treating acute problems like auto accidents, broken bones, surgery, etc. Unfortunately, most of the diseases of the modern world are chronic illnesses. They are called chronic because medicine can’t treat them, so they stick around and keep on growing. There are drugs prescribed to treat the symptoms of these chronic diseases, but all they do are mask the symptoms. As those symptoms are masked the underlying cause, and the real problem you have continues to break down and cause more symptoms. 

Even if you can get a drug to make the symptoms go away, you are still getting sicker, and sicker, and that is why diseases become chronic. The symptoms of chronic illnesses are often the same as digestive issues, hormonal issues, fatigue, slowed metabolism, brain fog, etc. Some people’s symptoms are worse in certain areas, so they get specific labels. For example, maybe someone has brain fog, fatigue, and anxiety/depression, but their digestive problems are the worse, so they get the Irritable Bowel Syndrome Label. Chronically ill people come into my office with all the same symptoms just varying intensities with varying labels. 

They are chronically ill because their whole body is breaking down. 

Medications can play an essential role in specific health issues, and part of being an alternative doctor is knowing when western medicine or treatment is necessary. However, what we want to address is that underlying cause that is buried. 

I had a woman come in the other week who told me that she was off of all her metformin and insulin. She was able to get these results because I didn’t focus on her diabetes; instead, I worked on what was making her sick in the first place. Her body is healthier, and she does not have diabetes anymore by any medical standard as long as she sticks to the changes we made in her life. 

Alternative Medicine

We address the core causes. That is what an alternative doctor is, we’re not anti-medicine. 

In my practice offering integrative healthcare services in Madison, WI, I work with the WHOLE body – not just the body part causing issues.

I look at your entire lifestyle:

How are your brain and nervous system?

Do you have enough energy and is your body able to turn food into fuel?

How is your digestion?

What are your hormones doing?

Where do you have pain and inflammation?

Is your immune system hyperactive or underactive?

What unique genetic vulnerabilities do you have? 

What symptoms are causing you the most problems?

There is no magic pill.  Medicine is excellent, but some medications also come with significant side effects. In the case of thyroid, I know that most people do not get symptom relief with thyroid replacement hormones alone! I have a comprehensive thyroid treatment program that consistently delivers phenomenal results…but not everyone is a candidate. The only way to know is to come in for a thyroid assessment

If you are struggling with textbook chronic illness symptoms like chronic fatigue, brain fog, digestive problems, muscle and joint pain, headaches, weight gain, and mood disorders I designed a program that address all underlying causes of chronic disease.

Learn about my Vitality Restoration Program.