I’m a Madison WI Alternative medicine Doctor. That means I offer health care alternatives outside of the traditional health care industry, but I am NOT against conventional medicine. In fact, I’m extremely grateful that we have so many wonderful doctors in Madison.

My wife is alive because of their excellent medical care — but she is not healthy because of medicine.

In my practice offering integrative healthcare services in Madison WI, I work with the WHOLE body – not just the body part causing issues.

I look at your entire lifestyle:

  • Are you eating healthy foods?
  • Are you constantly stressed out?
  • Do you have a good support system around you?
  • Where do you have pain and inflammation?
  • What symptoms are causing you the most problems?

There is no magic pill.  Medicine is wonderful, but some medications also come with significant side effects. In the case of thyroid, I know that most people do not get symptom relief with thyroid replacement hormones alone! I have a comprehensive thyroid treatment program that consistently delivers phenomenal results…but not everyone is a candidate. The only way to know is to come in for a thyroid assessment

If you are low in energy, can’t lose weight, and feel lost in brain fog it is likely your thyroid. Thyroid replacement hormones alone are not the answer.

Watch my video on thyroid.