Poor Adrenal Function Can Prevent Weight Loss A critical test to have done…

The TRUTH about FATS!!! Good vs. Bad Fat

Saturated fat that causes the damage that all the research is talking about come from cows that were fed corn. Good fat is necessary for a healthy body.

How To Allocate Your Energy When You Have A Chronic Illness

The first step is figuring how to survive the day by allocating your spoons accordingly. The second step is focusing on actions you can do today so you can thrive tomorrow.

Getting healthy is HARD. Staying sick is HARDER!

Getting healthy is challenging but staying sick with a chronic disease is even harder. Ultimatley, it is up to you which hard you want to choose.

How To Talk To Friends And Family About Your Health Issues

People dealing with chronic health issues who are in the healing process have good and bad days. This fluctuation can be hard for your family to understand.

Diagnosed With A Chronic Illness – How To Handle It With HOPE

If you've just been diagnosed with a chronic illness there are .lifestyle changes that allow you to live a great life with a health condition.

Wonder Woman Has To DIE So That You Can LIVE!

The only way to recover from a chronic illness is by saying goodbye to your "wonder woman" complex so your body is able to heal.

Being LAZY Is Part Of The Healing Process

When healing the body from a chronic illess or disease it is cruitial to do more "lazy" activities. Your body recovers in rest mode.

How To Stop Food Cravings! *A Personal Discussion*

I wanted to share with you behind the scenes of how my video…

The Gift Of Pain

A lot of people come into my office, thinking that pain is the…

TOP 6 Lab Tests For Optimal Health

Lab tests are a direct window into your nutritional status.…