Why We Practice Brain Exercises

Why we do brain exercises?

Brain exercises are an integral part of the care that you receive at Puckette Integrative Healthcare. The brain is important in our day to day functioning and the “weak links”, or dysfunctional neurological pathways that we experience can negatively affect our daily functioning. By exercising these pathways and strengthening those weak links, we can start our healing process and maintain the progress you have already made. 

Exercise the Weak Links in our Brain

Exercising the weak links in our brains can be compared to exercising our muscles. When you go to the gym, the muscles that you are targeting get strengthened, toned and improve their function. The brain is very similar in that aspect. When you stimulate the pathways that may not be functioning properly or that haven’t been used, you are able to start strengthening your brain and improving its overall function. 

We can get these weak links from several different factors in our lives, but the most common is stress. Constant stress doesn’t allow our body to relax from the “fight or flight” mode that allows us to function in daily life. This state of stress puts a heavy strain on our nervous system and can lead to some of the problems that you may suffer from. When the pathways are weak, the signals your body is sending don’t always reach the desired destination, which inhibits the function of the brain and body. Practicing brain exercises can be a way to reconnect this path. While brain exercises aren’t the magic fix to the problems you may be facing in your daily life, they are a way to start making an improvement in your condition and life! 

What brain exercises are right for me?

To start this process, we will complete a neurological exam to see which parts of the brain are not firing well. Since the brain is the control center of the body, it is important to see what areas may be struggling and how we can improve those areas. This process is safe, gentle, yet hands-on and will require your participation throughout the process. To stimulate the different parts of the brain, we use visual and auditory stimulation as well as using eye movements and other therapies to test and increase the use of the brain’s pathways. This allows us to see what links can be strengthened and gives us the brain-based therapies/exercises that you will complete. As you progress, we retest these pathways to see how you have improved. 

Practicing Brain Exercises

In order to maintain the progress that you have made with the adjustments, it is important to complete your brain exercises regularly. The adjustments assist with the function of your nervous system, but the completion of brain exercises allows you to reap the benefits from the adjustments. You will be able to see the improvement and progress your body and brain have made as you continue to complete the exercises and strengthen those weak pathways. Keep up with your exercises! 

Here’s To A Better Life,

Dr. Steve Puckette