How to Strengthen Your Lungs!

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What is Meridian Tracing?

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A Quick Neck Warm-Up Exercise

/ A Quick Neck Warm Up This…

Meet Our New Health Coach!

/ Meet Our New Health Coach! We…

What is Inflammation?

/ What is Inflammation? Inflammation…

A Great Stretch for Spinal Mobility and Stress Relief!

/ A Stretch for Spinal Mobility…

How To Deal With Chronic Thoughts

Learn this simple technique for easing chronic thoughts and reducing stress.

Understanding Dysglycemia

Dysglycemia is a large term meaning an abnormality or dysfunction with your blood sugar stability. This can mean your blood sugar levels are too high (hyperglycemia) or too low (hypoglycemia).

Try These Reflex Points to Improve Your Immune System!

Reflex points can help your body reset the immune system and lower stress. Use this simple exercise to help your immune system and lungs.

COVID-19 Care: Strengthening Your Immune System

Read our recommendations for how to keep your body strong against viral infections.

The Basics of Weight Loss Resistance

Are you having difficulty losing weight? If so, there might be a reason. There are many processes in the body that affect weight gain and weight loss, and your body may be trying to communicate with you.

Why We Practice Brain Exercises

What do brain exercises do, and why is it important that we do them? Finding the right exercises for your brain can sharpen not only your mind, but your whole body.

Top PHYSIOLOGICAL factors preventing weight loss!!

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How Probiotics Can Help Resistant Weight Loss

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Anemia (low iron) Can Prevent You From Losing Weight

/ The people that I work with…

Can Sleep Help You Lose Weight?

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Poor Adrenal Function Can Prevent Weight Loss

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Your Genes Can Contribute To Weight loss Resistance

/ The people in my office who…

The TRUTH about FATS!!! Good vs. Bad Fat

Saturated fat that causes the damage that all the research is talking about come from cows that were fed corn. Good fat is necessary for a healthy body.

How To Allocate Your Energy When You Have A Chronic Illness

The first step is figuring how to survive the day by allocating your spoons accordingly. The second step is focusing on actions you can do today so you can thrive tomorrow.

Getting healthy is HARD. Staying sick is HARDER!

Getting healthy is challenging but staying sick with a chronic disease is even harder. Ultimatley, it is up to you which hard you want to choose.