Doctor of last resort


I love being the doctor of last resort. It means that you come in to see me and you’ve already had all the scary bad things ruled out. You’re coming in to see me because there’s nothing wrong with you, supposedly, and then we go in and we find what’s wrong and we start putting you back together and you’ve been told nothing else can happen. This is what I get up for in the morning.


I do this work because my oldest daughter was diagnosed autistic and we were told to join a support group and focus on raising my other kids. That got me started on this process. She’s not autistic anymore, she’s indistinguishable from her peers… That’s huge!


I do this work because my wife went to bed for two years and didn’t get up and we were told that it was a character issue, that there was nothing wrong with her. It was a lot of work to go through and find out what’s going on. I do this work because seeing her having a life again is huge. This is what gets me up in the morning. I love being able to make this difference in your life.


Working with my daughter was a large part of my learning curve. It was really a huge amount of work, and it wasn’t just what I did. It was a team effort which had us working with her nervous system, with her metabolism, with retraining her brain. But we got results that nobody else gets. We worked with the Wisconsin Early Autism Project and she was the best outcome they’ve had. Now, they didn’t want to claim her because of the outside help she’d received. What they were doing as a study was simply investigating what their technique did. Their technique was awesome and it had a huge impact on her, but she got the great results she got because we went for the synergistic approach and we wouldn’t be out of doing it all.


As for my wife, you know, you should never treat your spouse. But we got no results anywhere else, and so after about two years of this, her body’s autoimmune system caused her to become hyperactive. After two years in bed she, started getting up early and cooking breakfast! And then she started getting up before that and going running and cooking me breakfast, which was awesome after two years of her being bed-bound like 23 and a half hours a day. We got really happy. I couldn’t claim any credit for it because we’d already burned through everything I knew way before that, but then her energy just kept going up. And then she’d wake up and her heart was beating a hundred beats a minute, and she’d stand up and it was 138, so she was essentially exercising 24 hours a day. We’d been to a medical doctor just before that and they’d given us nothing, so I went to the smartest people I could find in the alternative healthcare world, the chiropractic neurologists, and within 15 minutes they told us that she had an autoimmune thyroid. We did the blood work, we confirmed it, and we needed medical care at that point in time because there was concern of heart damage with her heart rate where it was. She was treated with radioactive iodine which killed off her thyroid, and now all of a sudden she went from having hyper- to hypothyroidism.


I decided to become a chiropractic neurologist because that was the only discipline that gave my family results. Now I care about everything in the body that affects the brain, and I care about everything in the brain that affects the body. I am a holistic doctor with a very scientific perspective. I’m interested in discovering what how the different components of our bodies interact and how we put “broken” bodies back together. Our bodies are complicated, fascinating, and frustrating systems.
After experiencing first-hand what it took to help my wife get over her hypothyroid problems, I started recognizing the same things in my patients. I brought holistic methods into my patient care practices, and they started getting better. Today, my practice consists of treating all autoimmune disorders affecting thyroid and digestion, but especially hypothyroidism, chronic adrenal fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, and ulcerative colitis. I ask how we get the nervous system and the immune system to calm down and function appropriately again. And I got here because of my family.